The FWA has a limited membership of 350 full members. Junior membership is available up to the age of seventeen.

The FWA membership includes people of all ages, and of every financial background.

The 2021 annual subscription for renewing members is £195.00. Please note that this subscription includes £5 for a Wildlife Habitat Trust stamp (duck stamp) and also £71 for full membership of BASC. If you hold more than one membership in BASC then the extra payment can be refunded to you from Marford Mill, but I regret we cannot do this for you. We are affiliated to BASC but are not part of it and the FWA is run entirely by volunteers who are not remunerated for what they do.

You will see that the application form asks for a proposer and seconder. This is essentially to establish applicants' bona fides as shooters, and if you do not know anyone suitable then you will be interviewed by existing members of the FWA.

We also ask if new members have any experience of foreshore conditions, because it is club policy that inexperienced members should be accompanied at first on the tidal marshes of the coast. This does not apply to our shooting on the inland washes, although care is of course needed here at times of flood. Please email if you have any questions.

We are actively seeking new members. Those new to wildfowling can take advantage of our mentoring scheme, to be accompanied by an existing club member to "learn th ropes" both on the marsh and on the inland washes.

Download and fill in the Membership Application Form (green download button), then follow the instructions. 

Both the downloadable Information Pack and Application Form are in PDF format for window users.

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