TuftedfIdentification Tips:

Length: 12 inches
Small, compact diving duck
Rounded crown
Yellow eyes
Blue bill with black nail at tip

 Dark wing with dark-tipped white secondaries and inner primaries and pale grey outer primaries

Immature female similar to adult female, immature male is similar to female in autumn, but acquires alternate plumage during winter

tuftmAdult male alternate:
Alternate plumage worn from fall through early summer
Glossy purplish head with crest
Black breast and back
White flanks and belly
Black tail, upper- and under-tail coverts

Adult male basic:
Similar to adult female

Adult female:
Sometimes has small crest
Dark brown body plumage
Whitish belly

Only the black and white drake has a proper tuft; the chocolate-brown
female may only have a hint of one.

Tufted ducks breed across Eurasia from Iceland and the
British Isles east across Russia and Siberia to the Kamchatka Peninsula
and the Commander Islands.. Female tufted ducks nest on islands in
lakes or on sloped banks of small wetlands in reeds, tufts of grass,
or under bushes close to water and lays an average of 9 eggs.

Food habits:
Tufted ducks dive to feed on roots, seeds, and buds of aquatic plants
and clams, snails, aquatic insects, and sometimes amphibians and small
fishes. They also skim flies and duckweeds on the water surface

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