Goldeneye Drake


A diving duck.
Length: 42-50cm [161/2-20ins]
Wingspan 65-80cm [26-32ins]
Weight: 600-1.200g [21-43oz]

Adult male:

Goldeneye Duck

Yellow eye. Green glossed black head with bold white spot
on the cheek just behind the bill. Triangular dark bill. Black marks
on a sparkling white body.

Juvenile Male:
Chocolate brown black head, white spot developing over
the winter, the body becoming white with age.

Dark brown head. Yellow eye. Yellow patch on the end of a grey
bill. Grey body.

Frequent nasal mechanical ze-zeee in display; Female has a
grating double note.

Mainly in Northern Europe and rarely in Scotland near fresh
water. Providing nesting boxes significantly increases the numbers:
Down-lined tree hole and nest box, Between 8-11 eggs: 1 brood: Between
April to June.

Dives constantly from the surface for molluscs and crustaceans.

Found around open deep water, bays, reservoirs, estuaries and
open sea. There are usually more Goldeneye than is apparent until they
fly up as at least half of they are underwater. Very shy and easily
disturbed by people on the shore and in boats, flying off in tight packed
groups with a loud whistling from their wings.. Flocks are predominantly female and immature males although adult males may appear in spring. In the summer males look like the females.

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