greyheronThe Grey Heron is a large grey bird with very long legs and a long pointed beak. This elegant bird is often seen standing motionless on one leg at the water's edge.It has a thick black stripe of feathers above the eye, which grow out behind the head in a long black tuft. Lenght around 91 cm.


The young Grey Heron does not have this black tuft, and its body is a paler grey than the adult.

The Grey Heron flies with very slow, graceful wing beats, while its long neck is folded into an "S" shape, tucking the head above the body. When flying, its wings curve inwards.

lakes, rivers, ponds, marshes and estuaries.Grey Herons can be found all over Britain

The Grey Heron hunts for food in the water. It eats fish, frogs, insects, water voles, and sometimes other water birds (usually young ones).

Large nest out of sticks. It builds its nest in the treetops or on a cliff edge. 4-5 blue-green eggs. March and July.

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