lapwingLapwings are easily identified wading birds, medium sized, black and white with white faces and a long upright crest. In flight, the floppy, rounded black and white wings make them unmistakable.


The species is a common breeder across Britain, breeding anywhere from the coast to the uplands on marshy areas and farmland although less common in the southwest of England and northwest Scotland. Wintering on estuaries and farmland in winter, huge flocks gather, usually on arable fields.

Grass lined shallow hollow on ground laying three or four eggs. One brood between April- June.

Often taps foot on ground to trap or reveal prey, tilts forwards to pick up insects and spiders from the ground or pull earthworms from the soil.

The present population of Britain and Ireland is estimated at between 190000-240 000 pairs. In winter there can be over 2 million birds in Great Britain.

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