knotwinterKnot are chunky, somewhat pot-bellied and have a short, straight bill. In winter plumage - when they visit the British Isles - they are rather nondescript. However, they feed across mudflats in large closely packed flocks and, despite their drab plumage, provide an amazing spectacle in flight.

 Many waders flock together and make some dense packs when they roost at high tide, but few are as social at all times as the Knot. It forms ernomous flocks, sometimes totalling hundreds of thousands. Such flocks fly over estuaries, moving to new feeding areas, or prehaps disturbed from a roost, are among the most dramatic of all the bird spectacles.

knotsummerRather quiet, dull, short nut, occasionally bright whistled note. No obvious flight note.

Shallow hollow on ground in cold tundra, usually near water. 3 to 4 eggs. One brood May- July.

Takes insects and plant material in summer and molluscs and marine worms in winter.

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