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Message From The Chairman 

April 2020

Dear Members,

I hope you and your families are staying safe and are in good health. There has been much written on social media about what clubs should be doing regarding subscription renewals. I felt it necessary to share my thoughts on this matter. As you know, we are asking for a minimum payment of £80 to cover the cost of the BASC subscription. The balance of £115 can then be paid whenever it suits the member. We don’t want to lose members, so please contact the treasurer if you have any problems. The reason the FWA is in a good state financially is that we have always had good treasurer and a dedicated committee. Your subscription money has been invested wisely. The fact is, as we are living in uncertain times, our club has to stay strong. As you probably know, Crown Estates, without the knowledge of the club, sold one of our neighbours foreshore to a private buyer. They have had to call on expertise to negotiate a lease with the new owner. This has been a long drawn out affair, causing the officials of the club a lot of stress and sleepless nights. This also has to be paid for. The owner of our other neighbouring club has put their foreshore up for sale causing more worry for their club officials. Who, you might ask, could be next? Several years ago we were embroiled in a nasty court case which cost our club £50,000. Not many clubs would have been able to suvive such a loss, indeed it was touch and go as to whether or not we would have to start selling land to survive, but over the years, and as I previously mentioned, with the skills of a good treasurer and committee, we bounced back. In fact, since then, we have bought more land for members to shoot and enjoy. I like to think we are a progressive and forward thinking club, and as we can’t always predict what the future might throw at us, we can at least be financially prepared. Don’t forget it is your club, and it is your money we are custodians of. I am proud of our Committee and their dedication to running the club, and I hope they, and myself, can rely on your continued support through these worrying times. I have been a member of the FWA since 1984, and the club has always been a major part of my life. I regard you all as my extended family, so stay safe and take care.

Best wishes

Pete Catling.



**FWA 2020 AGM cancelled**

Due to the escalation of fears about the coronavirus pandemic over the last couple of days it has been decided that the 2020 AGM should be cancelled. The over-riding reason is that a very low turnout is anticipated and any decisions made will not be truly representative of the club's membership.
We will be in touch about club matters affected by this over the course of the next days and weeks.

FWA AGM to be held on Saturday March 14th 2020.

Updated FWA Members Handbook 2018/19 edition and new inland washes permit application form both posted in the members section.

BASC 2018 Council Elections - Alasdair Mitchell, Wildfowling's candidate voted on to the BASC Council. 


Watch Trailer for Chris Green's New Wildfowling DVD - Coast to Coast Volume 1 - 29th October 2017

Click on the link to watch a trailer for Chris Green's "Wildfowling Coast to Coast" DVD due to be released in December 2017. 

Chris has been filming  for the last two years - part of the DVD was filmed on FWA Foreshore with the "Flight of a Lifetime" being a morning flight on FWA Inland washes. Click Here to Watch.



Natural England Consultation Document - Message from FWA Chairman - 8th October 2017

Natural England have now released an Open Consultation Document regarding the simplification of the consenting process for shooting. Yesterday Julian Carlile and myself attended a presentation given by NE at Sutton Coalfield where they explained the open consultation.

Unfortunately we (that is BASC and the Association of UK Wildfowling Clubs) feel that the questions in the document are weighted against Wildfowlers - so my advice is not to complete it. Being an open / public consultation it once again puts Wildfowling at high profile. 

I will keep you up to date with events as they unfold.

Pete Catling


New FaceBook Page for FWA.

 The FWA has a new Facebook page open to members and available for  non-members who are keen to get in to Wildfowling. 

The Facebook page is administered by two of the FWA Committee -  Julian Carlile and Jack Schmollmann and will cover all things wildfowling. 

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